Best shower head filters buying guide

It is a known fact that the water that comes out of a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom does have different particles in it. This could be salts or any other less-harmful chemicals, yes, less harmful chemicals. However, this water could not always be good for people using it. For example, people with skin allergies or respiratory issues could sometimes have diverse health issues if this water is used. This is where showerhead filters come into play. In this article, we will discuss everything I detail about the shower head filters and the best shower head filters available on the market today. I will also provide you with the key factors that could help you select and purchase the best showerhead filters on the market.

There is only one permanent solution to get safe and filtered water and it is possible only if you install a whole-house water filtration system to your reservoir. However, this would not be feasible for a majority of the people as the price for such filtration system is comparatively 10 or 20 times more than other alternative simple filtration systems. On the other hand, showerhead filters are cheaper and are available in almost every bathroom accessories shops.

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What is a showerhead filter?

A Showerhead filter as the name suggests is a type of filter that removes chlorine, sulfur odor, salts, and contaminants from water that pass through it.

How does showerhead filter work?

A showerhead filter has a simple working principle; it would have a replaceable cartridge through which the water will pass and the filtration materials in the cartridge would absorb the chemicals or contaminants, therefore, by filtering the water.

Advantages of using showerhead filters

  • Using a showerhead filter is one of the easiest methods that could remove chlorine from the water
  • Using showerhead filter help you avoid respiratory diseases and especially the allergies
  • Studies indicate that shower filters can remove a good percentage of chlorine from the water, which, in turn, reduce the chances of bladder diseases and breast cancer.
  • Using showerhead filters have proved to reduce skin infection and allergies as the water supply has fewer amounts of particles in it.

With the availability of pure water being a growing concern, most of the people are considering to install showerhead filters to make avail water with fewer particles in it. This, in turn, has increased the demand for showerhead filters on the market, the manufacturer/brand have exploited this demand and has flooded the market with several models. This has made selecting and purchasing a product a challenging task, so, to make things easier for you, here is the list of factors that can help you purchase the best product on the market today.

  1. Type of filter
  2. Type of filter used
  3. Type of restrictor valve
  4. Ease of installation
  5. Warranty

Type of filter – Even though we are talking about showerhead filter, there are other types of shower filters available on the market right now. However, the term showerhead filter refers to the product that could be fixed on the showerhead.

  1. Showerhead filter – This product looks like the regular shower head we use at home. However, some models might be comparatively bulkier than other models. Showerhead water filters come with filters incorporated into it that can remove the harmful particle from the water without actually poisoning the water. This type of shower head usually does not reduce the force of water.
  2. In-line shower filter – This product does not come with showerhead incorporated. The user would have to purchase the product and then, install it in-between the water supply pipeline and the existing showerhead. One of the greatest advantages of this product is that the user does not have to purchase a new showerhead.
  3. In-line and showerhead filter – This type shower filter comes with a separate shower head and in-line unit. The user will have to install the in-line unit to the water supply line and the shower had to be installed to it. However, the size of the whole setup would be comparatively larger than other normal showerhead units.