What and Who is Going to be the Probable FIFA 19 Release Date and Cover Star?

If you love playing football, whether in the real world or in virtual, then you can not ignore the charm of EA sport’s FIFA soccer-based video game. Since EA launched this massively popular game back in 1994, FIFA has become a symbol of the football-based video games. From 1994, the developers launch a new edition of the game every year. This year also, EA unveiled the newest version, the FIFA 18 back in September, and since then the copies of this video game are selling like hot cakes. With some new features such as the Journey Mode, Ultimate Team, the developers are making this worldwide renowned game more interesting with each iteration. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for when the new version, the FIFA 19 will hit the market shelves? Before a new installment of FIFA makes it debut, the fans wait for two things dearly, the release date and the cover star. So in this article, we have been shed lights on probable FIFA 19 release date and FIFA 19 cover star.

FIFA 19 release date
FIFA 19 release date

Talking about the release date, if you notice the previous release dates of the last few iterations, you will see EA had launched the game in September. The FIFA 18 was released on 29th September, this year. Not only that, all the versions from the year 2010, they all had been launched in the month of September. So, in a word EA has made it an annual ritual to launch the FIFA editions in September. So we can safely assume that the FIFA 19 is also going to be launched in September 2018. And leading gaming websites like Gaming Phobia has also predicted the same.

Now it is time to predict which star is going to grace the cover of the upcoming FIFA? Well, it is tough to predict the cover star of an upcoming edition of FIFA, as there is no certain pattern to follow, like the release date. This year Cristiano Ronaldo has been selected as the FIFA 18 cover star. But it will be very unlikely for EA to go with the same cover star for two consecutive editions unless CR7 manages to lead Portugal to FIFA World Cup glory in Russia next year. So we think, like FIFA 17, EA will again go for multiple superstars for the cover star.

Wrap Up

FIFA is one of the most popular video games played by the gamers all over the world. So the craze for this football-based video game is unparalleled. So if you want to know more about the FIFA 19 release date or FIFA 19 cover star, stick to our website.

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