FIFA 18 Might Bring in a Better AI According to the Fans

Fifa 18 to bring in better AI

FIFA has always been one of the most popular video games, and it is going to be an understatement if we state that there is going to more number of gamers across the world who would be engaged in playing the game in the future days. This is because of the fact that the games which have come out in the FIFA series from Electronic Arts (EA) have always come out with something which is very new to the gamers. And as we wait for the launch of the new game in the series FIFA – The FIFA 18 we are ready to come across a number of surprises.

But before we can think of the surprises there are lots of other things that the gamers have been looking for in FIFA 18. The basic thing is the graphics of the game. FIFA has always boasted of a high-quality of graphics in the game, but there have been too many glitches which have been spotted in the latest available edition of the game in the FIFA series. So the gamers are expecting that these new things are going to be added when FIFA 18 gets launched in the second half of the ongoing year.

The artificial intelligence has been one of the most important things about any video game. And in FIFA 18, the fans are eager to see some changes in the AI. This’s because of the fact that there have been occasions when the artificial intelligence has been spotted to be not working properly. In cases of teams going out of their style and playing a completely different game not suited to their style indicate the lack of proper artificial intelligence. Not just that, a developed AI would enable provide the gamers with a better commentary.

Fifa 18 may bring in a better AI

Talking about commentary, there are expectations that there is going to be more names in the list of commentators in the game FIFA 18. Martin Tyler and Andy Grey have been absolutely phenomenal when it comes to commentary on the games. But it would be really great to come across other commentators as well.

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Along with that, if we go through the wishlist of the gamers, we can spot one more which is really very interesting. In real-life football, it can be observed that the ball boys have some crucial roles to play and we have seen players often getting in a tangle with the ball boys, particularly in situations when their teams are losing. And in the virtual world, these are the things that we are missing. The gamers are of the opinion that FIFA 18 might finally bring in ball boys. And if that eventually happens, that would be really a great addition to the game when it releases.

However, there are lots of other things as well. The cover star is currently one of the most talked-about topics at this moment. There are quite a few names which are making rounds at this moment and eventually it will be the poll that will determine who will feature on the cover of the game. Hence, we will have to wait for FIFA 18 to be launched which will happen very shortly.

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