Popcorn Time For PC is The Only Streaming App Which You Will Ever Need!

Popcorn Time for PC is a great app which can fetch you all the content which you will ever need. It will help you get total control over all the aspects of your entertainment-cum-infotainment needs. It is also ideal for any device of any size. In fact, it is much recommended by most of the people you already know. It has a rich list of great features which you will surely love and appreciate.

Popcorn Time for PC: Some Great Features

Essentially, the Popcorn Time app is a free, multi-platform app which is basically a free BitTorrent Client. This client is better than many conventional streaming apps in the sense that the content is subdivided into many smaller files which are then downloaded individually. This means that no part of the total file gets lost in the misty haze of the  Internet and the entire downloading process is completed successfully.

Popcorn time for PC
Download Popcorn time for PC

Popcorn Time is able to fetch content over the Internet in a variety of resolutions. This takes us back to the second line, where we were talking about how it could be used on a variety of platforms. It can fetch you content in as low a resolution as 480p and it is also ideal for downloading 4K content. The 480p video is meant for smaller devices while the higher resolution videos are ideal for your favorite wall-mounted LED TV sets.

In particular, one feature stands out: Popcorn Time can fetch you subtitle files in any language for any content. This is ideal as we do not get subs to many of our favorite movies which leaves us unable to view them. For the moment, we thank the Popcorn Time developers that they have paid such heed to the needs and necessities of the users as well.

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How to Use Popcorn Time for PC

Remember that the app is available mainly for the Android platform. Which is why we need to tweak this installation process a wee bit. We have to use a special Android emulator which can actually fool the Windows PC into believing that it is an Android platform. For best results, use the Remix OS emulator which is free to use. Once the emulator is installed, simply drag and drop the Popcorn time apk file into the home screen. The Popcorn Time app will start installing automatically. Watch this space for more such timely updates