Vikings Season 5 News: Bjorn and Astrid! What is the NEW Drama!

Vikings coming season, the fifth is unique in almost every sense. The plot is taking a big plunge as the lead of the plot will be missing here. At the absence of Ragnar, his sons will take the front row, and the plot will grow along with them. Bjorn, Ivar, and Hvitserk; the sons of Ragnar will take a different direction to achieve their own destiny. But in this season Bjorn and Ivar will be more in focus. As per the latest Vikings Season 5 news, it is time to explain why Bjorn and Astrid ended up with something so dramatic that the whole story took a new turn!

The latest news of Vikings Season 5 suggests the incident of Bjorn and Astrid sleeping together will have a great significance in the coming season. Now we are aware of the fact that Astrid is Lagertha’s girlfriend, she is the strength of Lagertha. Both of them have a great chemistry and it is beyond expectation that she may end up doing something when Bjorn is known to be their enemy.

It is already known that Lagertha and the sons of Ragnar are not in good terms. There might be a fight between them as both the brothers hold negativity towards her who killed their mother. But Lagertha is no weak character. She is the queen of Kattegat and is too powerful. Now she may not take the being ‘close to Astrid’ thing very lightly and may be revengeful. So things are no doubt too complicated now!

News of Vikings season 5
Vikings Season 5 news

But as per another spoiler Bjorn (Ludwig) will sail to the Mediterranean Sea to follow his destiny. If so happens then how the revenge will take place! No one knows, but Ludwig said in an interview that the closeness of him with Astrid was momentary and part of Bjorn’s exploring his manhood.

There will be some of more things to keep the interest intact. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has already been introduced in season 4 as Bishop Heahmund, is going to have a bigger role this season. He will have a conflicting interest.

According to the latest Vikings Season 5 news, it is supposedly going to have 20 episodes, which means that the scale of the show is going to be larger than ever. The premiere date of the show has already been declared, and it will come on air on 29th November. So be prepared to get the drama like never before.